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Si está buscando trabajo en una de nuestras tiendas europeas, tenemos numerosas vacantes en países como Bélgica, Francia, Eslovenia, Portugal, los Países Bajos y Chipre.

Quizás no se haya dado cuenta, pero lo más probable es que haya estado en una de nuestras tiendas, ya sea en su tienda local de o quizás en nuestra famosa tienda Lillywhites al pie de la estatua de Eros en Piccadilly Circus en Londres. Le sorprenderá saber cuántas tiendas tenemos.

Actualmente tenemos más de 600 tiendas en el grupo Sports Direct International, incluyendo Sports Direct, Field & Trek y más en todo el Reino Unido y Europa. Esto, unido a un programa de expansión en curso, implica que pronto tendremos una nueva tienda a la vuelta de la esquina para garantizar que Sports Direct, o alguna de nuestras otras tiendas, se mantiene en la vanguardia de la venta minorista en deporte y exteriores.

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Ahora Patel
Gerente de tienda

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Ahora Patel - Gerente de tienda

I joined Sports Direct in 2008 as a Store Manager in our White City Store, Westfield. From the minute I joined, it felt so right for me. I love the Sports Direct approach to business, and I feel the company valued and continues to value my contribution. The opportunities to progress at Sports Direct are excellent. After 6 months with the company, I was given the chance to demonstrate my ability as Store Manager of the Oxford Street store - one of the Flagship Stores with one of the highest turnovers in the business.. The company's attitude and care towards development are second to none. In 2010 I moved on from Oxford Street to set up a new store in Camden, my performance at Camden helped me earn a promotion to Area Manager.

Throughout my time in the business the rewards I have experienced, from tickets to Football Matches (not just standard tickets - corporate hospitality tickets), to a once in a lifetime trip to Verbier in the Swiss Alps, have been absolutely out of this world. These experiences are the kind of thing you see celebrities doing on reality TV shows or read about in magazines.

In 2014 I earned the opportunity to run the newly relocated hybrid Flagship Store in Oxford Street. This store was extended to 55,000 sq.ft over 5 floors and is a combination of Sport, Fashion and Lifestyle floors. This New Concept Mega Store was unlike anything else in the business and became the first of a new wave of Hybrid Stores.

This was an opportunity to succeed at a high profile challenge that I had always wanted to experience in retail. There isn't another retailer out there who could inspire as much passion in me as Sports Direct. The life changing opportunities are amazing and they are available to anyone who is dedicated, passionate and willing to contribute.

Dumi Talos - Gerente de tienda
Gerente de tienda

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Dumi Talos - Gerente de tienda

With a big passion for retail, in 2009, I joined two of the top high street retailers including Sports Direct as a casual sales assistant. Juegos malabares dos puestos de trabajo no era fácil, pero pronto se dio cuenta realmente me he unido a una gran familia y un ritmo medio ambiente muy rápido. It wasn't long until I accepted a full-time position in Sports Direct. Desde entonces, con el apoyo de esta dinámica team (familia de SD), poco a poco trabajé mi camino hasta nivel de jefe de almacén en la empresa de mayor crecimiento y más gratificante en el Reino Unido. What I enjoy about working for this company is the strong sense of teamwork we have, to work with other managers who all have the same vision, goal, and passion for this business.

The benefits and rewards available go hand in hand with the support I receive to motivate me to improve standards, service, and results. Aquí, no hay dos días son los mismos. I have worked for a few different companies, but none are as challenging and rewarding as Sports Direct. Sé que si trabajo duro, voy a llegar las recompensas que merecen.

Always thirsty for success, my aim is to keep my team on the top spot but also looking forward to taking over bigger turnover stores or even expand my experience into Europe.

Graham McNamee
Gerente de tienda

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Graham McNamee - Gerente de tienda

I joined Sports Direct as Store Manager in October 2014, Having worked for 10 years as a discount homeware manager. I was looking for a new exciting challenge and the opportunity to work in sport and fashion retail, was too hard to resist. Empecé en la rama de Paisley antes de trasladarse a la sucursal de Greenock donde lidero una team de 25 personal.

I was quickly hooked on the fast-paced, high energy environment and inspired to drive results in-store by the company's hard work and support culture that is set from the top down. In my short time with the business so far I've been impressed with how fast the business moves on from week to week. It's an exciting time to work for Sports Direct and I look forward to a long future.

Espero seguir trabajando poner tanto en el negocio como que salir. Sé que hice una gran carrera mover Unión deportiva directa.

Jessica Green
Gerente de tienda

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Jessica Green - Gerente de tienda

I joined Sports Direct in 2013 after deciding to leave a leading high street fashion retailer. I was bored and wanted to see a visible difference where I worked and to be recognised.

I Applied for an Assistant Managers role and was contacted the same day. After a phone conversation, I was asked to attend an interview, it was the most honest and enjoyable interview I have ever had. I knew I would really enjoy working for Sports Direct, and I was delighted when I was offered the job the same day.....I haven't looked back since.

Within 6 months of starting as an Assistant manager, I progressed to Store manager into a store that was due to have a refit later that year from 8000sqf to just under 16,000sqf. I currently have a team of 40 and I am so proud of them and the store. The team I have provides consistent support, together we drive store performance and maintain excellent standards. In a few years' time, I hope to continue my progression into an Area Managers role.

I was recently presented with an all-expenses paid trip to Verbier, an exclusive skiing resort in the Swiss Alps. This trip was, without a doubt, the most memorable trip I have ever been on. I felt truly privileged to be acknowledged for all my hard work in this way.

It's a bit cliché to say, but Sports Direct is by far the best retailer I've worked for. Don't get me wrong it's hard work and demanding, you have to have the drive and passion in order to succeed, but the rewards and opportunities are unlike anywhere else!

Lee Kelly
Gerente de tienda

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Lee Kelly - Gerente de tienda

I started for Sports Direct at the age of 16 having left college to pursue a career in retail. I started with the company as a part-time sales assistant, within a year I was offered a full-time contract. After only two years with the company, my hard work was rewarded with a promotion to floor supervisor in the Exeter store, and a little later another promotion in the same store to Shoe Supervisor. I developed my knowledge in this role for a couple of years until the announcement of a new store in Exeter, where I was offered the opportunity to progress up to an Assistant managers role. With continued support and development from the Exeter Store Manager and Area Manager, I was eventually ready to tackle a new challenge as Store Manager, in the new Torquay store.

I am grateful that my Area Manager spotted my potential and the company supported my development. Due to this, I am fortunately able to manage my own team of around 30 staff and provide them with the same opportunities I was afforded, I find this very rewarding.

The company has experienced massive growth since I started and it has become the UK's largest sports retailer. I'm proud to have been a part of this and excited to contribute to Sports Direct's future. It is a great feeling going to work each day for a company you love.

Sports Direct has guided my career, with in-store training and their "Homegrown" talent development program, based at their head office training academy. I can honestly say I would have never expected a part time job at 16 to take me on this amazing career journey.

Spencer Robinson
Gerente de tienda

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Spencer Robinson - Gerente de tienda

I joined the company in November 2012, on my very first day of my 2-week training at head office I knew sports direct would be a perfect fit for me. Es un reto, rápido ritmo y muy adaptable.

Retailers I have worked for in the past would wait and hope for things to happen. This is not the Sports Direct way, we react, change and adapt in order to make things happen. That`s one of the many things I love most about Sports Direct. I joined the company as an Assistant Manager in our Lakeside store, the amazing support I received then got me off to a flying start and also contributed to my continued success.

In February 2013 I was offered a promotion to Store Manager in a new store that had just been developed in Southend High Street. This store was a blank canvas for me to make my mark, and show exactly what I was able to achieve…. Y lo hice justamente eso! Fast forward to march 2015 and I was offered the Store Managers role at Thurrock. With a larger retail space and higher turnover, this step in my career allowed me to shine in a higher profile store. I have since been trained as a stocktake buddy and now work alongside my area manager to complete weekly stocktaking across the area.

Everyone likes to make a difference in their job… At Sports Direct you genuinely get that opportunity on a daily basis. With further expansion in the UK and Europe and developments at head office, the diverse opportunities available for your career to progress are unrivalled across the whole of the retail sector. The rewards are just as diverse and generous.

I have only been with the company since 2012, and it is extremely exciting to imagine what the future holds for Sports Direct.

My only regret is that I didn’t join the company sooner!

Ricos en
Gerente de tienda

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Rico - Gerente de tienda

When making the move to Sports Direct what I hoped for most were more opportunities to progress my career in retail, After years of working for companies with little to no movement or expansion, it is refreshing to work for a company that is ever changing and full of opportunities. I found out fast that I had made the right move and I have not looked back since...

I quickly learned the pace and work ethic needed and was immediately inspired by the structure, pace, and training I received. The support provided to me whilst starting continues to this day and feeds my passion for Sports Direct.

First, I was offered a Supervisors role at the Grays store that was at the time still under development. This gave me the perfect opportunity to train at the Southend store for a month before the opening of the Grays store. I worked hard and listened to the advice and training I had received and within 4 months I was promoted to Assistant manager of the store. This quick progression coupled with the "Homegrown" training program offered at Sports Direct head office in Shirebrook, fed my desire to aim higher. I can only describe my time at Shirebrook as inspirational, here alongside others like myself with the desire to progress, we learned from the best over the course of two weeks. This support and training set me up for success and it really was an experience that will stay with me. Of all the different retailers I have worked for I have never witnessed such amazing opportunities.

Shortly after "Homegrown" I was once again promoted, this time to Store Manager. The 9-month journey to Store manager was exceptional and completely exceed my expectations. I am still learning, I still want to push higher, and i have new goals. Sports Direct continues to give me reasons to stay inspired.

Working alongside others that share this passion like Andy my Area Manager, Darren the Manager of Southend at the time now Romford...and Dan Williams my Manager from Grays, inspires me to be as good as or better than these guys and I can't think of a better place/company to achieve this.

Asistente de Gerente

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Anouchka - Asistente de gerencia

Había trabajado en venta por menor de diez años en Francia y necesitaba un nuevo reto. Even now, I still can't think of a better choice than Sports Direct. Es una empresa muy popular, rápido crecimiento y éxito. Sabía sobre deportes directo desde un punto de vista de cliente habitual y estaba sorprendido y emocionado de ver desde el interior. When I started with Sports Direct I attended their two week training and induction course at the Shirebrook head office. Here I was able to learn more about the company and its processes; the training was very intensive but very rich with useful information. After I had finished I was inspired and excited to start my journey with Sports Direct.

Day to day I really feel that my hard work makes a difference. We are always encouraged to put forward new ideas, which allows you the freedom to think outside the box. What I like most about my job is the feeling that I am contributing to the success of the company. I have worked for a lot of different companies but I have never witnessed a culture like Sports Direct. From the top down there is an unparalleled and inspiring level of dedication to the company's success. I feel lucky to be part of this big family, working together and being rewarded and acknowledged for my hard work.

As the company continues to grow I want to progress even further and I'd like to support with new store openings all over the world! Con el directo de deportes, el cielo es el límite!

Asistente de gerencia

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Bradley - Asistente de gerencia

I have been with Sports direct since 2010, where I started in a part-time position. In April 2013 I was promoted Supervisor of the Reading store. Over the years I began to realise how infectious the passion within Sports Direct can be, from the top down everyone is utterly committed to the company's success. My manager at the time saw my potential and provided me with the support and development I needed to progress further. I was able to attend a week long training course at our Head Office in Shirebrook, this was the first time I had done anything Like this and after I really caught the bug for progression.

As my confidence and abilities grew my Area Manager put me forward to assist another store. I saw this new challenge as an excellent opportunity to develop further. I was able to attend the "Homegrown" course which is a two week course aimed at developing people within the company. Each time I returned from Shirebrook, I came back more confident in my role and inspired to work hard and work smart.

My hard work was acknowledged when I was offered a promotion to Assistant Manager, about 1 year after my appointment to Supervisor. Estoy muy orgulloso de cómo rápidamente he podido progresar y me siento muy feliz en mi nuevo papel. I feel lucky to be part of a business that is prepared to invest in my future and is expanding quickly enough to constantly be creating new positions.

Emma Drayton
Asistente de gerencia

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Emma Drayton - Asistente de gerencia

Me incorporé a la empresa en 2012 como asistente de ventas tiempo parcial mientras estudiaba en la Universidad, para ganar un poco de dinero extra. Encontré que me gustó mucho el papel y la varianza que viene con él día a día. Upon leaving university I was offered a full-time contract and jumped at the chance to work for such a diverse company. Progresé rápidamente a la posición de supervisor, asumiendo más responsabilidad dentro de la tienda. A year later I was put forward to go on the Sports Direct Home Grown course, a career development program run by the company, to promote in-house talent and dedication.

Upon completing the course I was promoted to Assistant manager in a higher turnover store, where I was able to shadow the Store Manager and develop my skills which allowed me to make a difference to the business by driving my store's sales and standards.

Since then I have been promoted to Store Manager which opened up different challenges and more responsibilities. I am now working to develop my own team and identify rising stars to achieve their goals and help shape future managers.

Throughout my time with the company I have been rewarded for my hard work and effort, an example of this was an amazing opportunity to go skiing in the Swiss Alps in Verbier. I have also rewarded my team with tickets to major sports events. Seeing their efforts recognised is a reward in itself.

I've quickly progressed through the ranks thanks to the support of my store and area manager and hope to keep climbing the ladder of success. Me encanta mi trabajo tanto como lo hice desde el primer día, y me siento orgulloso de trabajar para una empresa donde este tipo de progresión es posible.

Lee Horscroft
Asistente de gerencia

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Lee Horscroft - Asistente de gerencia

Después de varios años trabajando en la industria del ordenador en que me dieron la oportunidad de unirse a deportes directo (como entonces era mundo de los deportes) mayo 2007 como un Supervisor de piso tiempo completo en una tienda concurrida ritmo genial, rápida en Plymouth.

Formar parte directa de deportes, la empresa ha cambiado mucho, a cambio de marca del mundo de los deportes, las grandes ventas de World Cup de 2010, desde las empresas se mueven en Europa y expansión continua además de ayudar con la relevación del deporte. Ha sido un momento muy emocionante para todos los involucrados, especialmente yo como lo he visto cambiar tan rápidamente y crecen tan rápido en la empresa se ha convertido en hoy.

He ganado mucho de deportes directo de primeros auxilios y tareas de guardián de fuego siendo elegido para transferir sobre a Sweatshop como Subdirector. No tengo only adquirido más conocimiento en funcionamiento ahora, pero mi aptitud personal, trabajando con proyectos externos y reunión representantes de la empresa de las diferentes empresas ha mejorado me hacerme hambrientos de más.

Desde su incorporación a deportes directo 2007 he ido de la resistencia a la fuerza, a partir de la planta de réplica en Plymouth a avanzar a una mayor orientación de servicio al cliente y el cliente al Departamento de servicio, estando a cargo de la ropa de deportes al aire libre y más técnico que me ha ayudado a ganancia invaluable experiencia y sobre una base uno a uno. Ser parte del primer grupo para ir en el esquema de cultivados en casa con Sally y Justin también fue un gran privilegio para mí... Realmente es un gran curso que digo recomendar a nadie.

Las recompensas de la oferta de la empresa son sólo de proporción épica. De los 5 * régimen al régimen de bonificación de cuota, realmente no sé de ninguna otra compañía que recompensa como deportes directo. La ganancia financiera y personal está más allá de mis sueños, saber que usted será conseguir recompensado a través de su trabajo duro y determinación es la mente que sopla. Ser capaz de tener esos pequeños o grandes lujos en la vida que siempre que quieras... y gracias a deportes directo esos lujos han hecho realidad.

"Es difícil de superar un team de gente que nunca da para arriba"

Paul Hyman
Asistente de gerencia

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Paul Hyman - Asistente de gerencia

Comencé mi carrera en 2010 como asistente de ventas informal trabajan para dinero extra mientras estaba en el bachillerato. He trabajado en este estado durante años 2 ya que era muy flexible y satisfizo todas mis necesidades. Una vez que terminé el bachillerato que no se molestó en ir a la Universidad, en lugar de ello busqué una carrera en el sector minorista. Las oportunidades y progresión que vi dentro de esta empresa me tiene obsesionada con hacer una gran carrera dentro de la tienda que he trabajado en, conocida como Wheatley de Doncaster. Después de poner en un gran esfuerzo me fue reconocido al instante por la gestión team en este punto y pronto le ofrecieron un puesto a tiempo completo.

Asegurar un contrato con más responsabilidad me dio más ambición al reach un lugar más alto. Me dieron algo de aliento y consejos necesarios de la administración team y Gerente de área. Después de escuchar todo lo que llegue pronto a un Supervisor de nivel que disfrutaba y me desafió en todos los sentidos necesarios. Incluso después de esto aún tenía hambre de más y con una empresa que tiene mucho potencial y oportunidad, ¿por qué no?

I was Back at my manager begging for more training, soon enough an opportunity arose for me to go on a "Homegrown" course at head office. Este curso fue absolutamente brillante en destacar todos los aspectos de cómo funciona una tienda de deportes directo y debe run. Ayudó a construir mi propio desarrollo personal en la vida y en mi papel de trabajo. El soporte de conocimientos y habilidades se da sin tener que pedir dos veces.

Así que no only son las oportunidades para la progresión en una carrera de venta por menor, pero el apoyo es insuperable. I am now working as assistant manager in Doncaster Wheatley with a very healthy salary and multiple Bonus schemes. I would like to point out that all these transitions have happened in a very quick space of 2 years. Meaning if you're willing, ambitious and have the drive to succeed I couldn't think of a better place to choose. When I think of how I would like to progress, I want to be in a position to run my own shop and I'm sure with the constant support I will achieve this very quickly.

Mitchell Coyston
Gerente de calzado

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Mitchell Coyston - Gerente de calzado

Empecé con la empresa en junio 2011 como asistente de ventas informal en la tienda del centro de la ciudad de Leicester donde obtuve el primer lugar el sabor de menor ritmo rápido. Al instante disfruté el trabajo y tienes un hambre real para ser el mejor y conseguir tantas horas como fuera posible. In February of 2012, I was given a promotion to a full-time member of staff which made me even hungrier to achieve more within the store and the business. The store manager and other senior managers provided me with a lot of in-store support and in the June of that year, I was given another promotion to footwear supervisor.

Eventually after a lot of guidance from my Area Manager, Store Manager and The "Homegrown" course I was promoted into my current job role as Footwear manager in June 2014. My responsibilities include: running my own department and coaching the 30+ staff members that work within it, complying with company guidelines, meeting sales targets and of course trying to be the best Footwear department in the business.

The company provided me with the amazing opportunity to support stores in Hungary and Austria for a year. Here, I helped coach people on the day to day running of a Sports Direct store. The best experience for me was doing this in the Budapest Arena store, which is one of the biggest stores in Europe.

Sports Direct offer a lot of training and guidance opportunities to allow you to develop along your chosen career path. I found this out first hand when I attended a week's training course at our Shirebrook head office. The training team there really helped me to be more confident in my role. I pass their guidance on to my team daily to help support each one of them in their personal development.

The company has changed a lot since I first started; more than ever our focus is on customer service and, with the company experiencing sustained growth, each staff member has the opportunity to progress.

There are a lot of Reward schemes for the business and for every staff member. I myself have been able to buy a car through bonuses I have received and, as a team, our efforts are rewarded equally with every staff member being able to afford extra holidays and receive exclusive tickets to sporting events.

I would encourage anyone with a driven and ambitious attitude to try this company as the rewards and team atmosphere are definitely the best in retail.

Kirsty Winterman

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Kirsty Winterman - Supervisor

I started with this company in July 2013 as a casual sales assistant at the Doncaster Wheatley store, I worked in the clothing department helping to merchandise the store. Entré en la tienda tratando de hacerse notar, como enterarse de las oportunidades disponibles me tiene realmente interesado. Within a few months, the management team saw potential in me and I secured a full-time contract.

Unos meses después de que luego me dieron la oportunidad de probarme a mí mismo como un supervisor. Esto realmente me desafió, pero también desarrollar más mis habilidades!

My Area Manager saw my potential and offered his continuing support to help me progress further. He put me forward for the "Homegrown" training course at head office. This course developed my knowledge on everything required to run a store and gave me a confidence in my own abilities. The next step for me is to become assistant manager at another store which I cannot wait to do! Future aspirations are, to run a store, progress to Area Manager and go even further! The possibilities are endless within Sports Direct.

SEB Freebody

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SEB Freebody - Supervisor

I have worked for the company for roughly five years now; in my five years I have worked in three different shops and been promoted from casual sales assistant to shoe supervisor. I started in Kingston working part time while at university, where my managers quickly recognised my enthusiasm and willingness to learn. Although, at the time I never intended to have a career within the company because I just needed some money to top up my student loans, they still saw the potential in me and helped me to recognise it within myself.

I would highly recommend working at Sports Direct regardless of whether you want a career or part time. For example, the zero hour contract allowed me the freedom to work less when I needed to revise for exams, but also allowed me to work more when I needed the extra money. The work can be hard sometimes as with any job, however, with the company 5-star bonus scheme you won't find another job in retail that rewards as well as SD.

When I left university, I decided to stay in the company - thanks to my energetic and passionate management team. I was immediately taken under the wing of my footwear manager, where he spent a lot of time one-on-one with me helping me to learn how to manage others and inspire them to excel as he had inspired me. I was regularly sent to other shops to help out or to set up a new shop from scratch, which was challenging but really helped me to feel really part of the company and something bigger than just my local store.

Trabajo para deportes directos es una gran experiencia y realmente me ha ayudado a desarrollarse tanto como individuo y como un gestor y espero progresar más lejos dentro de la empresa en los próximos años.

Jordan Capel
Asistente de ventas informal

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Jordan Capel - Asistente de ventas informal

I started at this company back in 2011 just as a little way to earn some extra money while studying. Actualmente trabajo en el Departamento de zapatos de deportes directo en Wheatley pasillo camino en Doncaster. I can honestly say the amount of opportunities and potential to earn money is fantastic. On average, I earn around an EXTRA £3 an hour on top of my normal wage, which can work out to up to £140-£180 extra per week. So, on top of my normal wage this can be up to £550-£650 a month, which makes the earning potential for me and anyone else in this job endless.

You decide your own wage and this benefits students massively. My motive is to pay off as much of my University fees as possible, which then allows me to prioritise my money on more important things like nights out and events! Todo bromas aparte, este esquema definitivamente ha mi vida mucho más fácil financieramente. I'm able to feel a huge sense of relief knowing that I have more security on my finances, plus having more money always makes you feel great. To top it off I work in one of the best stores where the atmosphere is absolutely buzzing, you're always encouraged to earn as much as possible.

Eric Hiron
Asistente de ventas informal

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Eric Hiron - Asistente de ventas informal

I have been with the company for few years now and the idea of the company 5-star bonus scheme sounded like a good idea because it is just selling a customer everything they need but with an incentive to maximise sales.

The scheme started off a bit challenging in terms of how the add-ons were connected but now the possibilities are endless with no cap on the amount you can earn. The scheme makes the job so fulfilling, while seeing the customer happy with their purchase just makes it worthwhile in my eyes.

The 5-star bonus scheme urges you to improve all aspects of selling and your customer service to maximise sales; I have already managed to buy an apple watch with my earning and have nearly paid off my 10 day trip to New York.

Rachel Goldsworthy
Gerente de tienda

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Rachel Goldsworthy - Gerente de tienda

I started working for Sports Direct in 1999 for a part-time job when I was at school. The company allows you to transfer easily between stores so I continued working while I was at university. This gave me five years of experience working in two very different types of stores; I was working in the small store in my hometown of Peterborough and also in the huge store at Meadowhall during term time in Sheffield. When I finished university, I was lucky enough to be offered a full time supervisor role; I accepted this easily because I already loved the fast paced nature of Sports Direct and didn't want to leave the company.

I spent about six months working in Peterborough but much of this time was spent away on new store installations which were a great way to learn more. After moving to Milton Keynes with my friends, I was able to transfer to this store and it wasn't long before I was asked to help open the New Bedford store to work there as supervisor. At this store, I was able to progress quickly under a strong management team up to the position of Store Manager.

As a result of the success of this store, in 2010, I was asked to run the Oxford Street store by the Regional Manager - an opportunity that I couldn't turn down! I said that I would do it for a year of experience and have never gone back. Nothing compares to the pace and buzz of working on Oxford Street and how different every day is. In May 2014, we opened the new Oxford Street Megastore where I am now General Manager - a store that truly shows how much Sports Direct has changed over the last 15 years.

Nothing beats my experience at Oxford Street and the rewards that both I and the store have received. From free ski trips to the exclusive ski resort of Verbier - which includes the celebrity lifestyle of chefs, ski lessons, ice karting, hot tubs and champagne, to regular tickets seeing top sporting events such as Premier League football and Wimbledon. Through managing Oxford Street and having a highly passionate and dedicated team, we have won some incredible store and brand competitions; where I have had the chance to fly to Boston, USA to watch Liverpool v Roma at the Red Sox stadium, and my footwear manager was rewarded with a trip to New Zealand for the last rugby World Cup.

The store also won a competition with the prize being two tickets to watch Arsenal play in Milan for the Champions League, that we gave to the full time sales assistant and casual sales assistant whom we felt contributed the most to the competition. I love managing a large team of over 200 staff and helping others to build their career with Sports Direct like I have done. I get to see people that I recruited as casual sales assistants, progress into Senior Management positions within the Oxford Street branch, or go on to be Store Managers in some of our other Central London stores. The new megastore is not only about the next manager but also allows us to support people to develop their passion into careers, which includes technical sports specialists, visual merchandisers in our branded areas, in-house admin and security teams or working in our Pulp concession where we hold regular band signings. Every day is different and I've had some unbelievable opportunities and support to help me to progress to the manager that I am today. I want to help others achieve the same; hard work and passion is rewarded and I just can't imagine working for anyone else.

Carl Nozedar
Gerente de tienda

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Carl Nozedar - Gerente de tienda

I joined Sports Direct in April 2014 as Store Manager for Cardiff St David's. The reason I joined Sport Direct is that I have always enjoyed fast-pace retail. Mi pasión siempre ha estado trabajando en el piso de ventas dirigiendo el team para impulsar metas KPI. The company provide you with the operational procedures and product range to drive sales and hit targets. On joining the company I was impressed by the sheer size of the organisation, including the distribution centre in Shirebrook to the vast amount of store which continues to grow.

In recent months my store has been extended to 26Ksq ft. with around 100 people and I feel privileged to be running such great store for Sports Direct. The extension has brought many new ranges in to store and now I've finally got that fishing shop I wanted when I was I child! Creo que esta tienda me está poniendo para mi siguiente paso y para mi directo de deportes es el lugar que puede hacer que esto suceda.

Duncan Spedding
Deportes Fitness directo Gerente Regional

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Duncan Spedding - deportes Fitness directo Gerente Regional

Me uní a deportes Fitness directo 12 hace meses, siguiendo de cerca dos directivos que he trabajado estrechamente con a un competidor. Ser un futbolista profesional hace 10 años, siempre ha sido un ganador y se esfuerzan por asociarme con el más grande y mejor en cualquier sector de trabajo, para incorporarse a deportes directo fue una decisión fácil para mí.

Sports Direct are all about the PEOPLE, with Reward & Recognition being two things that feature high in the company ethos, which is another hugely important factor in my working life! With "Leisure" being the newest Division in the Sports Direct Portfolio, I feel part of something 'brand new', where I can play an integral part in the growth of the business.

Leanne Smith
Gerente General

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Leanne Smith – General Manager

He trabajado en la industria de ocio y de fitness para 8 años. This wasn't always my chosen career; in my early twenties, I worked as a Special Constable for Merseyside Police for 3 years with the ambition to become a regular police constable.

Mi carrera pronto cambió de dirección cuando me di cuenta el potencial de convertirse en un gestor dentro de la empresa. Realicé un curso de gestión del desarrollo con LA aptitud que realmente me ayudó a crecer como Gerente. Two years after moving over to Liverpool as Operations Manager from Formby, my regional management team realised my potential and offered me the position as General Manager.

I put my all into the role and have worked as a General Manager now for nearly six months. Me encanta correr mi propio club y trabajando con la team para crecer y desarrollar sus habilidades en orden al club de run un éxito. He promovido a dos directores en seis meses y reclutó a algunos fantásticos nuevos amigos para ser parte de la team aquí. Con la compañía creciendo tan rápido, siempre hay áreas para progresar y desarrollar una carrera profesional.

Yo soy las manos muy, como gerentes a menudo dicen "Nunca pido alguien para hacer algo que no esperaba hacerlo yo mismo".

Me encanta el servicio al cliente y estoy complementado a menudo todavía en mis habilidades al cliente. Esto simplemente vuelve a los fundamentos y darse cuenta de que algo tan simple como una sonrisa y un Hola puede tener un impacto positivo en la experiencia de los miembros.

Desde transferencia sobre a deportes Fitness directo en noviembre 2014, la empresa ha tenido unos pocos de arriba y abajo que era de esperarse. La transferencia de menor aptitud ha demostrado ser un poco más difícil de lo que primero se dio cuenta pero poco a poco veo a partir a reunirse.

Combined with the ambition and drive from the amazing people who work as part of Sports Direct Fitness team, I am excited for the future and, after attending my first GM conference last week, I am feeling extremely motivated and inspired to succeed in building my club in Liverpool to be the best it can be.

Gemma gris
Subgerente de Club ventas

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Gemma gris - Subgerente de Club ventas

I joined Sports Direct in July 2015 as Deputy Club Manager for Sales. I applied for the role because I wanted a new challenge, and coming from a fitness background this was the nest step in my career. Sports Direct Fitness clubs were expanding and creating a unique name for themselves and I knew I wanted to be part of it! Cada día es diferente y eso es lo que amo acerca de la industria del fitness. El compromiso y trabajo en equipo de todos los empleados es inspiradoras y me enorgullece estar asociado con esta marca. En el futuro espero poder abrir un nuevo club como Manager General y llevando mi team desde la parte delantera.

Ana Hercer

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Ana Hercer - se

I started work at Sports Direct in June 2004 as a warehouse operative, employed via an agency. The Company was based in Dunstable back then and I was one of those ladies sticking labels on the products. After 10 months, I was offered a job in the IT workshop to help with a large IT upgrade, where we were changing the till system at that time. Todavía recuerdo el dolor en mis pulgares después de dos semanas del cambio de tarjetas de memoria de hasta ordenadores. Being part of the IT Workshop team helped my understanding on how the tills systems work and my IT background proved useful as well.

Cuando la empresa se trasladó a Shirebrook me ofrecieron una posición de tiempo completo como un aprendiz de ti. No pasó mucho tiempo antes de que me promovieron y se trasladó a ser parte de la mesa de ayuda IT team. Whilst working on the IT Helpdesk, I was responsible for looking after all the stores' IT needs as well as head office and the warehouses. Estaba expuesto a una amplia gama de tecnologías, sistemas y personas, me encantó mi tiempo aquí. Se sentía como si mi cerebro fue creciendo cada día, cada día traída nuevos retos y nuevas habilidades para aprender.

Encontré un área particular de lo fascinante, SQL y bases de datos, nuestra empresa está construido alrededor de estas tecnologías y no funcionar sin ellas. Pasé mucho de mi tiempo investigando SQL y tratando de poner en práctica en el entorno de trabajo aprendido. Mi mayor conocimiento era ser notado por mis compañeros (y mi manager) y comencé a conseguir un montón de trabajo en esta área.

A través del crecimiento natural del negocio, se presentó una posición dentro de la SQL \ la base de datos team, hablé con mi manager y le preguntó cómo se sentía acerca de proponer mi nombre, él ya había puesto mi nombre adelante! El resto es historia.

Se siente que la empresa ha mirado realmente después de mí con los años. He enviado un montón de cursos de formación y trabajó con algunos de los mejores cerebros en la industria, sobre todo me encanta la gente que trabajo con y el aspecto social del trabajo. Ahora veo algunos de mis colegas como familia en lugar de sólo gente que trabajo con.

Benjamin Keers
Asesor de servicios al cliente

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Benjamin Keers - Asesor de servicios al cliente

Empecé a trabajar con deportes directo en octubre 2012 en la distribución del almacén, por lo que era capaz de moverse hacia fuera mi propio. Después de un año y medio me dieron la oportunidad de pasar a trabajar con el Departamento de servicios al cliente, y no he mirado atrás desde.

Trabajo en servicio al cliente me ha dado una gran oportunidad para mí en un ambiente que nunca he trabajado en antes de y encontrar toda la experiencia de ayudar a los clientes para resolver cualquier problema o quejas muy satisfactorias.

Cada uno es útil y de apoyo que ayuda a hacer cualquier retos alcanzables. Toda la experiencia hasta ahora ha sido emocionante e interesante y no puedo esperar a ver lo que el futuro con deportes directo en tienda.

Bryony Edwards
Director de fotografía

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Bryony Edwards - Director de fotografía

Antes de comenzar con la empresa 2010, había estado haciendo fotografía de ecommerce a tiempo parcial después de graduarse y quería algo más permanente. Trasladó fuera de mi pueblo natal para el trabajo y desde el primer día todos aquí me hicieron sentir bienvenida y apoyada.

Desde sus inicios esta empresa ha me lanzado el final profundo y desafió a mis habilidades, de una sesión en una estación de metro de Londres abandonada a tomas aéreas desde un helicóptero. He fotografiado todo de marca campañas, disparos a la cabeza empresariales y eventos a los embajadores de la celebridad.

Este papel variado ha desarrollado mis habilidades, mi confianza y mi decisión y realmente ha mejorado me como persona y profesional.

Como ha crecido la empresa, el Departamento ha evolucionado mucho, y 2013 fui promovido a gerente de fotografía, me da muchas más responsabilidades. es una empresa donde usted recibe lo que da. Premiar el trabajo duro y ofrecen grandes oportunidades. La empresa es cada vez ampliando y cambiando mientras que todavía conserva un ambiente familiar y espero que mi próximo capítulo.

Daniel Piper
Venta por menor apoyo

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Daniel Piper - venta por menor apoyo

I first started with Sports Direct in October 2001, as a casual sales assistant and quickly moved to full time sales assistant and Delivery Supervisor in the space of a month. I then worked in a lot of stores across the area before moving to Floor Supervisor. Pasé tiempo en muchas tiendas como siempre se mueva cuando sea necesario para ayudar a donde nunca falta. He estado arriba y abajo del país en instalaciones y reparaciones y almacenar pastillas de como lejos al sur como la isla de Wight a los Midlands.

I joined Sports Direct in December 2007 after graduating from University. This was a massive opportunity to be part of, not only a thriving company, but to start a new e-commerce department where I was able to make a big difference from the beginning.

When I was working in store, I initially wanted to get a Sports Direct Email and to get my name on the phone; I now have that. Next, I want to work on becoming more involved in the office. Mis límites son infinitas y quiero avanzar tanto como pueda en una compañía que alguna vez no quiere salir!

Deportes directo es una gran familia, ha estado conmigo por años 13 y en ese tiempo se han reunido algunas personas increíbles. De compañeros de tienda para los grandes nombres en la oficina. Ha sido increíble para mí, desde la decisión de trasladarse a Shirebrook. Ahora veo la empresa en una luz más grande que lo que hice antes, ahora puedes ver cómo funciona el motor y todas las grandes personas que ayudan a mantenerla en funcionamiento suave. Me ha dado una forma de seguro de vida que ninguna otra compañía puede dar!

James Finlay
Venta por menor apoyo

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James Finlay - venta por menor apoyo

Empecé en directo deportes en mayo 2006 buscando un nuevo papel en la venta por menor después de haber trabajado previamente en un entorno de centro de llamada y como jefe de tienda trainee asistente.

From the beginning, I was in head office starting within a small but dedicated team; I knew I had joined a forward thinking company in which I could expand my career. Mi papel en el inicio participa cuidando a una región de tiendas que disfruté enormemente y de esto que tuve la suerte de poder progresar a la ejecución y construcción de informes que ayudan a la directa de deportes en el día a día el funcionamiento de la empresa.

No un día es el mismo en directo de deportes y me gusta los retos que cada día trae de cotejar informes para resolver los problemas. Mi papel es variada y sé que si trabajo duro puedo superar mis propias expectativas. El trabajo duro es recompensado con un esquema de bonificación excepcional que no puede coincidir con ninguna otra empresa de venta por menor. Esto me ha permitido adquirir mi propia casa y viajar a algunos lugares sorprendentes.

Sophie Davison

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Sophie Davison - diseñador

Comencé a trabajar para deportes directo como diseñadora de ropa junior en 2009 - directamente después de terminar la Universidad. The team was quite small and I designed everything from fashion ranges like Kangol and Golddigga, to sports and performance brands like USA PRO and Karrimor.

As the design team grew, it split into specialist areas- core sports, performance sports, fashion design, and character design, as well as a great team of graphic and product designers. Trabajé en el equipo de moda para los próximos 5 años, mi forma de trabajo hasta el nivel de diseño y tener un diseñador junior trabajando conmigo en nuestras marcas de moda.

Hace poco pasaron en el equipo de diseño nuevo y ahora estoy a cargo de fútbol y otras prendas con licencia. This includes, designing football kits, fan-wear for the stadium shops, RFU rugby, UEFA and many other big licences.

As a designer at Sports Direct, no two days are the same. I am involved in all areas of the design process, including: researching, designing ranges, liaising with the in-house factory agents to ensure the designs are interpreted correctly, and approval of colours and samples. Es genial ver un diseño van desde una idea hasta una prenda terminada en la tienda y la emoción de este nunca envejece!

He estado en algunos viajes de investigación impresionante y ferias en el Reino Unido y al exterior, a lugares como Nueva York, los Angeles y Alemania, que es difícil pero una gran parte del trabajo! También he recompensado mi esfuerzo con entradas para los partidos de fútbol, ser elegidos para ir a la conferencia anual en Newcastle y el esquema de bonificación que cambia la vida.

Es increíble ver cómo la empresa ha crecido con los años, me encanta mi trabajo y estoy orgulloso de ser parte de un gran equipo.

Kalina Ligmanowska
Apoyo Team líder

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Kalina Ligmanowska - apoyo Team líder

Empecé en en septiembre 2004 como un operario de almacén. It was my first job after migrating to the UK so I did not have big expectations but I quickly realised that by putting effort in and working hard you can quickly progress.

When the company was moving from Dunstable to Shirebrook in 2006, I was transferred temporarily from the warehouse to the IT Workshop. Estaba ayudando principalmente con trabajos no es y que era un tiempo cuando descubrí nuevas posibilidades.

Descubrí mi interés con hardware, rápidamente aprender a reparar y hacer mantenimiento de los equipos utilizados dentro de la empresa.

Tengo un contrato a tiempo completo como un aprendiz de TI en enero 2007 y eso fue el año cuando también regresé a la Universidad para iniciar mi formación en Ciencias de la computación. No era fácil hacer un trabajo de tiempo completo y estudiar al mismo tiempo, pero me gustó aprender sobre nuevas áreas de ti y conseguir nuevas habilidades. He trabajado muy duro para mi progresión de aprendiz es para ti taller Team líder donde un año más tarde me incorporé a las filas de apoyo.

Mi arduo trabajo, compromiso y lealtad han sido premiados muchas veces, no only por ser promovido sino también por el suplemento del tiempo en los Alpes suizos (Verbier), donde pude disfrutar de unas vacaciones de invierno gran.

Ahora estoy trabajando como un soporte Team líder y me siento muy afortunada que he tenido grandes oportunidades para hacer una diferencia, para probarme a mí mismo y crecer dentro de la empresa. Dentro de todos estos años he desarrollado mis habilidades y estoy ahora pasando mis conocimientos a mis team de jóvenes geeks IT cualificados que ayudan a avanzar en el negocio.

Williams de Keighley

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Keighley Williams - comprador

I started working for SD in February 2006, just after the opening of our flagship store here in Shirebrook. I can honestly say I have loved every minute of it, the people are amazing and continually motivate, inspire and push you to reach your goals.

Comencé por hacer el cambio de la entrega todas las mañanas, luego pasar a cajas y luego el calzado que me permitió aprender todos los aspectos de trabajar en la planta. I initially started with a part time position but was quickly given a full time role; I worked in the store for approximately a year before being offered an admin position within head office as part of the buying team.

During my time within the buying team I have worked my way through the ranks: starting with buying administration, moving onto stock control, and now a buyer. I have now been given huge responsibilities to look after all aspects of business with one of our key suppliers, whilst continually getting opportunities to progress and encouragement to use my own initiative.

En el futuro voy a seguir desarrollar mis conocimientos y habilidades que me puede pasar entonces a otros miembros de mi team ayuda hacia nuestros objetivos y mantenimiento de nuestro Reino Unido número uno.

In the 9 years I have worked here, there has never been a dull moment and I would not change it for the world. I have had the chance to experience once in a lifetime opportunities, including: trips to the Swiss alps, watching the 100m running final at the 2012 Olympic games and a life changing bonus scheme, if anyone is thinking of joining our team I would say do it…it's the best decision I have ever made.

Lee Brown
Desarrollo Team

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Lee Brown - desarrollo Team

Mi nombre es Lee Brown, soy el Gerente de desarrollo es responsable por el desarrollo interno team y he estado trabajando para deportes directo durante los últimos años 13.

I started my career in the IT workshop, fixing broken hardware returned from the stores before moving on to the helpdesk. Whilst in this role I was free to spend my spare time developing systems to help automate common helpdesk problems, as well as enhancing and customising our EPOS systems.

My interest in this area led to me moving towards development, where I was able to build up a wide range of IT skills with access to many leading edge technologies. A medida que la empresa ha crecido y el departamento de TI se ha ampliado, me han ascendido a un puesto de dirección en el equipo de desarrollo responsable de todas las aplicaciones internas utilizadas en la empresa.

Lee Jaques
Controlador Web Senior

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Lee Jaques - controlador Web Senior

I started work with Sports Direct in March 2012, as a Website Controller looking after a handful of sites. Having now progressed to a Senior Website Controller, our team look after the brand and 3rd party websites within the group, which equates to over 70 websites.

My goal for our team is to help increase web sales, while also tailoring the look and feel of each website to help enhance the consumer journey. I am looking forward to growing the team and taking on more and more sites as the Sports Direct group increases its portfolio.

Creo que SD es una gran empresa para trabajar con una gran team de las personas que son más de una familia de compañeros de trabajo. The group also has one of the best bonus schemes in the country, if not the best; since I've joined Sports Direct I have not looked back!

Lucy Jacques
Administrador de seguridad y salud

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Lucy Jacques - administrador de seguridad y salud

I Started work at Sports Direct on the 30th March 2015, as a Health and Safety Administrator. My role includes a high level of interaction across all areas of the business, while also requiring good attention to detail and the ability to multi-task in a fast paced environment. All this, and being able to organise my time and prioritising my workload.

Mis futuras metas y aspiraciones en la vida deben asumir más responsabilidades en mi papel de trabajo y más requisitos en seguridad y salud. Mi experiencia en directo de deportes ha sido brillante, la gente que trabajo con es encantadores y es por qué me gusta venir a trabajar todos los días. To sum it up in one word - AMAZING!

Marca Cordin
Contable financiero

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Marca Cordin - financiero contable

I applied for the Sports Direct Finance Graduate scheme in April 2014, when I looked on their careers website whilst I was studying at University. Lo vi como una gran oportunidad para unirse a una compañía de FTSE100 que es todavía joven y dirigirse en la dirección correcta con el año de crecimiento en el año. Yo era acertado con mi aplicación y asistieron a una jornada de evaluación, esto fue una gran experiencia como llegué a conocer a empleados actuales y pregúnteles acerca de sus roles dentro de deportes directo. Tuve la suerte de ofrecerse un lugar en el esquema graduado durante dos meses en la que fue primer lugar y hacer mi papel permanente.

Mi papel es el de un contador financiero y ahora he sido de deportes directo para poco más de un año. Estudié negocios y gestión en la Universidad tenía tan poca experiencia de contabilidad previamente pero la empresa estaba más interesada en mi capacidad potencial en lugar de lo que ya sabía que era tranquilizador. La formación que he recibido ha sido grandioso, mis colegas han sido muy pacientes conmigo y ahora estoy ayudando a formar graduados de este año para asumir mi papel así que puedo progresar aún más.

Una breve descripción de mi función es administrar las cuentas de deportes directo y sus compañías subsidiarias mediante la realización de tareas tales como intercompañía recargas, provisiones y pagos anticipados, así como producir un ganancias y pérdidas sobre una base mensual. También produzco diversos informes de numerosos departamentos de la empresa tales como ventas de la tienda contra target. Me gusta la variedad de mi papel como cada día que podría tener una tarea diferente que es desafiante y mantiene el trabajo interesante.

Mi experiencia de deportes directo hasta el momento ha sido genial, el ambiente de oficina es relajado y todo el mundo es muy amable. Because the office is open plan, you get to meet people other than just in your department, for example there are many of us in the office that play football on a weekly basis which is a good laugh. Creo que es un buen momento para ser parte de deportes directo ya que todavía están creciendo y hay un montón de oportunidades si se pone el esfuerzo.

Marlena Pawlik
Asesor de recursos humanos

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Marlena Pawlik - Asesor de recursos humanos

Mi viaje con deportes directo comenzó cuando me mudé aquí de Irlanda del norte, inicialmente estaba trabajando como un almacén quirúrgico, después de un tiempo me dieron una gran oportunidad mi encargado encantador, Goodman de Sharon, a formar parte de los recursos humanos team, estaba inicialmente sólo quise ayudar con la traducción.

I joined Sports Direct as a Human Resources Administrator on 14th February 2011 (how romantic!), with a strong belief that I would not be able to cope with this job… How wrong I was! Con los años he sido promovido a un asesor de recursos humanos y ahora no me puedo imaginar hacer otra cosa que no sea mi trabajo.

During all those years I have been challenging myself with all the jobs I have been given, currently I am looking after warehouse, transport and Polish stores payroll and HR issues. Me ha dado una gran oportunidad para trabajar con un grupo muy calificado de personas que me ayudaron a desarrollar yo mismo así como poder conocer a gente fantástica. Since May 2013, I have been thrown into the deep end by being asked to look after our stores in Poland, it began with massive stress and ended up with huge success, so I am feeling proud of taking part. This is my biggest achievement so far although I am hoping that this is only a beginning of my ongoing career with SD.

Rebeca Braithwaite
Supervisor de servicio al cliente

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Rebeca Braithwaite - Supervisor de servicio al cliente

He estado trabajando en el Departamento de servicio al cliente directo de deportes 4 años.

When I first joined Sports Direct, I worked within the Shirebrook store on the shoe department. Luego me dieron la oportunidad de venir a través a la oficina de Head y trabajo en el Departamento de servicio al cliente como un asesor de servicio al cliente. It was a great opportunity that I have enjoyed since joining the team; there is so much to learn and it's all so interesting. Es fantástica para trabajar con la gente y todo el mundo es muy útil, yo ahora he sido promovido a supervisor de servicio al cliente donde soy responsable de una team de 20 personas.

Personally, I have learnt so much more about retail and customers just from doing this role. Mi papel dentro de la team es muy gratificante y a la hora de ayudar a los clientes con sus problemas y quejas, hacer un cliente feliz, me hace feliz.

Robert Carlin
Nómina de pago

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Robert Carlin - nómina

I started working at in March 2015; I took the opportunity to make a career change after years of working within projects in the DSA mailing industry. También he tenido experiencia en nómina, así que he decidido la es una empresa que me gustaría trabajar y tomé la posición dentro de la nómina.

El team era muy acogedor y estaba realmente agobiada cuán grande es la oficina. Todos tiene abierto previsto y sorprendió a cuántas personas realmente trabajan dentro del edificio.

He estado aquí 6 meses y realmente parece que llevo aquí mucho más tiempo, personal y administración son grandes chicos. La gente realmente apoyen unos a otros y he aprendido mucho en un período pequeño de tiempo, esperamos ampliar este conocimiento con el tiempo.

La empresa es realmente gratificante para los empleados, ya esta yo he visto incluso en un corto período de tiempo. Esto me hace sentir muy cómodo y deseoso de demostrar que soy un empleado dispuesto en los años venideros. I really do feel at home within the company and part of the furniture, as we say, so let's see what the future holds for me.

Warryn Meikle-Braes

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Warryn Meikle-Braes - reclutamiento

I joined Sports Direct in October 2013; I previously worked in an agency and wanted to see what the other side of recruitment was like. It definitely turned out to be the best decision for me.

In the short space of time that I have been at Sports Direct, I have learnt and been exposed to so much. From recruiting for new store openings, to supporting exciting stores in my remit and now, the development of a new website.

I have had the opportunity to work across wide geographical area, recruiting from Inverness to the Channel Islands. I initially recruited for the Retail Stores but I have had the opportunity to recruit for our European HR team and now I recruit for our new fascia, Sports Direct Fitness.

Deportes directo es sin duda una empresa de "lo que has puesto salir". Whilst it can be a challenging fast-paced environment, Sports Direct is still a great place to work that always remains fresh as we are constantly evolving and expanding. Esto es definitivamente un lugar que se puede desarrollar una larga y exitosa carrera.

Emily Hilditch
Diseñador Web

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Emily Hilditch - diseñador web

Ingresé directo de deportes como diseñador web junior después de graduarse en 2014. Yo siempre aspiraba a trabajar en comercio electrónico así que era muy afortunada cuando me ofrecieron el trabajo. From the very beginning, I was given diverse projects that pushed my creativity and technical skills.

Working in a team of skilled designers and developers, we manage over 70 websites. Estoy dado enorme responsablemente para mejorar y mantener nuestra creciente cartera amplia de sitios. Me gusta el ambiente de trabajo ritmo rápido donde puedo utilizar y mejorar mis habilidades de diseño en todos los aspectos del comercio electrónico.

Bien me gusta el ambiente de trabajo donde se recompensa el trabajo duro. Uno de los aspectos más destacados es asistir a la conferencia anual, un día completo de diversión actividades donde usted consigue la oportunidad de relajarse y participar en diferentes eventos. Trabajo en directo de deportes es una experiencia maravillosa donde me siento parte de una expansión de team comprometidos con éxito.

Durante mi tiempo en directo de deportes he progresado desde un diseñador web junior. Mi pasión siempre ha sido con diseño digital y objetivo de progresar aún más en la empresa. Ha sido emocionante crecer con una empresa próspera y ser parte de su éxito.

Si tienes pasión, ambición y deseo de éxito solicitan un empleo hoy!

Adán Briggs
Sitio web Ejecutivo

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Adán Briggs - sitio web Ejecutivo

Para mí, los aspectos más beneficiosos del esquema graduado fue la gran cantidad de libertad, control y responsabilidad dado a mí y a mis compañeros egresados que nos permitieron mostrar nuestras fortalezas individuales mientras que también trabaja como un team con el fin de obtener una perspectiva más amplia y crear activamente un cambio dentro de la empresa. Ahora el esquema graduado, me éxito me han asegurado un puesto como ejecutivo de una página web y seguir aprendiendo nuevas habilidades día a día gracias al apoyo continuo de la team de e-commerce y la sociedad social cambiante que vivimos hoy.

10 meses en... Poco más de un año desde el terminar mi último examen en la Universidad, ahora soy responsable para implementar nuevas formas de conducir tráfico a sitios web líderes en la industria, aunque una gama de actividades de marketing digitales - una hazaña que nunca pensé posible lograr en un corto espacio de tiempo. Durante mi tiempo en directo de deportes, he recibido formación SEO de agencias de primer nivel y continuar a desarrollar mi comprensión del posicionamiento en buscadores a diario gracias al continuo apoyo del e-commerce team. Junto a la producción de contenidos para una amplia gama de canales sociales, también he ampliado mis conocimientos de estrategias de marketing entrantes y los beneficios asociados con la adopción de un enfoque eficaz. Cada día en directo de deportes ofrece una oportunidad para aprender, avanzar y crecer, algo que creo que es crucial para mi conjunto de habilidades y desarrollo profesional futuro.

James Colman
Asesor Senior de recursos humanos

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James Colman - Asesor Senior de recursos humanos

I joined Sports Direct in December 2012 as a Human Resources Advisor, after leaving my previous role at Wilkinson's and I can say it was one of the best decisions I ever made. Since joining the company, I have been promoted to a Senior HR Advisor in February 2015; the amount that you learn whilst working in Sports Direct is astounding, no two days are the same and each day is a challenge.

I am extremely grateful to the company for providing me with this opportunity, as I do not believe that any other company could match the experiences and rate of progression such as Sports Direct. La gente es insuperable y no podía pedir un mejor grupo de personas para trabajar con.

The business is constantly evolving and changing and in the short time I have been here, the business is much bigger than what it was when I joined 3 years ago, which is what makes this company so exciting to work for. Me siento orgulloso de ser parte del éxito de la empresa y tiempo puede continuar!

Joanna Grzybowska
Administrador de recursos humanos

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Joanna Grzybowska - administrador de recursos humanos

Cuando ingresé primero deportes directo trabajé como operativo de almacén en Shirebrook. After a few months working in the warehouse, I was given a great opportunity to come across to Head Office and work in the Human Resources Department. Al principio de mi viaje en el Departamento de recursos humanos estaba ayudando con la entrada de datos y presentación.

He estado trabajando en directo de deportes durante 3 años ahora y durante los meses que diversificación mis responsabilidades como administrador de recursos humanos. Mi tarea principal en este momento es cuidar tiendas deportes directo en la región 6, que son principalmente tiendas de Londres junto a Chris Dean, HR asesor que me entrenó y me enseñó todo acerca del trabajo en el Departamento de recursos humanos.

Durante todos estos años he aprendido tanto acerca de los recursos humanos. Puedo decir que mi experiencia con la empresa ha sido increíble. La gente que trabajo con es fantástica y todo el mundo es realmente útil. Estoy esperando que esto es solo el principio si mi carrera en directo de deportes como no me puedo imaginar trabajar para otra empresa.

Hind de Julie
Administrador de recursos humanos

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Julie Hind - administrador de recursos humanos

I originally joined the Company in July 2006 working in the Warehouse in Shirebrook in the Pricing department. In mid-2007, I was asked to go up into Human Resources in order to help with the filing in the department and in November 2007, I was then offered the opportunity to become a HR Administrator.

During my time with the Company, I have received the bonus share scheme which has allowed me to visit places like New York, and have a luxurious holiday in Dubai, both of which wouldn't be possible if I hadn't joined Sports Direct. Estoy muy orgullosa de trabajar para deportes directo y agradecidos a ellos por ofrecerme los medios para poder viajar a estos lugares increíbles!

La gente que trabajo con es algunos de los mejores todo e imagino no podía trabajar con un montón más de gente! Me siento orgulloso de ser parte del éxito de la empresa y estoy muy emocionado de ver lo que depara el futuro para esta empresa.